If you want more symmetrical, aesthetically pleasing breast profile then tailored procedures are available for you like breast augmentation surgery or breast lift surgery that can enhance your natural proportions.

However before considering breast lift procedure in Punjab or breast augmentation, it is good to do some research, talk with your friends and colleagues so that you could pick the best suitable for you.  During your consultation session with your surgeon you must talk about your needs, and the results you want after the procedure so that doctor can suggest you with the best Breast enhancement option for you.

Moreover, the following information can also help you to estimate the right procedure for changing the appearance of your breast.

When is breast augmentation right procedure?

If you are having perky and small breast and do not have any sagging then breast augmentation surgery can give you the desired puffy and fuller breasts with the adequate shape.

It is an effective and safe procedure for breast enlargement but if you have taken from an experienced cosmetic surgeon. This procedure can be customized according to your personalized needs but should be realistic so by just choosing the right implants. For this procedure, high quality of breast implants in India has been chosen so that you could have perfect shape and size of breasts.

When a breast lift is the right procedure?

If you are happy with the size of breasts but not happy with their shapes then you can go for breast lift surgery. Generally, after pregnancy, weight fluctuation and age can affect the elasticity of your skin as it can get stretched or lax accordingly. Breasts also start sagging or can get a droopy appearance with age. Even sometimes nipples start pointing downward. In such cases, you need lifting of your breasts.

Breast lift can lift, reshape and reposition the nipple areola complex and can give a more youthful look to you.

When can breast augmentation be combined with a breast lift?

If you are having sagging of breast or one of your breast look deflated then you should go for a combination of both procedures. It can happen with the age or even after pregnancy or breastfeeding.

If you have either looser skin, loss of fullness in the upper breast and this leads to droopy, saggy and deflated appearance of your breasts. In this condition breast augmentation and breast lift both in a combined way can work for you.

With combined procedures, you can get back the fullness of your breasts with adequate shape improved with implants and can have breast contouring and be repositioning through lifting and tightening the breast skin. In a single surgery, you can have you’re entire multiple concerned settled down.

Moreover, both the procedures are safe and result oriented that leaves you with minor surgery scars that generally faded away with time or can be easily hidden with tops. So it is time to get desired shape and size of your breast that looks appealing and adds to your personality with the best-suited treatment option for you.

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