Have you wondered how to find a way to awaken positive feelings? Kriya yoga is here to assist you with that. But what is kriya yoga, you may ask. Well, in its base, this is a meditation meant for everyone that seeks enlightenment, inner peace, and self-realization. It’s taught by experienced gurus on special sacred places, allowing you all the time and peace you need in order to forget about everything and pay close attention only to this.

Did we wake your curiosity on this matter? Are you willing to learn how to practice kriya yoga properly? Then, let’s take a closer look at the crucial techniques and their effects. Enjoy!

Ways to Learn Kriya Yoga the Right Way


A lot of people attempt to get a hold of meditation and learn how to do it properly, but they aren’t always as successful. This is mainly because they aren’t patient and they don’t dedicate enough time to get ready for the practice. That’s why you should apply for some fellowship lessons, which you can find online and study them at home for a few months or even a year if necessary.

These lessons usually include the three meditation techniques for balancing your body and soul and relieving yourself of all the stress and anxiety. During the first technique, which is meant as an energizer, you are required to strengthen your physical and psychological state in order to relax completely. Then, the second technique known as the Hong-Sau technique enables you to develop your concentration and learn how to shut down all exterior distractions. This way you can dedicate your whole attention to kriya yoga. And finally, the Aum technique serves for reaching the maximum level of concentration and breaking all limitations on the road to unleashing your full potential and experiencing pure happiness.

The Guru-Individual Relationship

After all of these, you’ll be prepared to apply for practicing kriya yoga and formally become a part of the sacred guru-disciple relationship. With this, you’ll accept Paramahansa as your guru and guide.

Kriya Yoga Locations and Programs

In case you are interested in learning kriya yoga alongside other enthusiasts like you, there are places located in beautiful mountain ranges and designed just to unite people together and help them use kriya yoga as means for self-realization and finding joy.

What’s more, there are many programs and events connected to spreading the teachings of kriya yoga. In fact, you can check the Internet or ask around for some that are situated near you. For instance, there are a couple of meditation programs aimed at adults. There are events especially for kids, too. Among them are Sunday school, programs for teenagers as well as youth, and lecture tours which are given by monks and nuns who travel the world and offer introductory lessons to beginners and those interested into kriya yoga.

Over to You…

Do you belong to the kriya yoga community? Are you interested in practicing it? Share your experience with us.

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