The decision to put one or both parents into an assisted living facility can be a tough one. Often the parents can become fearful that they may lose their independence, or reluctant to leave their family home. Not to mention, every assisted living facility differs as far as staffing, daily routines, and overall quality. Here are some things you should know before putting a parent in assisted living.

The Staff Are Qualified And Well Trained

Not just anyone is able to get a job at an assisted living facility. The RNs and CNAs on the staff have all been educated and trained in their fields and are more than qualified to handle the care of your loved one. They’ll help with daily activities that may otherwise be difficult as age progresses, such as dressing, bathing, meal prep, and more. Compassion is the best quality an assisted living facility can have. Kind, considerate, and loving staff make all the difference in making the facility feel as close to  home as possible.

The Alternatives May Be Impractical

Perhaps you’ve considered moving mom or dad into your own home instead of an assisted living facility; or even considered visiting them a few times per day to ensure they’re getting along alright. While these are options to consider, they are most likely impractical given the situation.

Caring for an elderly adult can be time-consuming and exhausting on your own. If your loved one has a degenerative disease, the difficulty of caring for them increases, requiring you to keep track of medication, doctor’s visits, and monitoring their condition. This can require an enormous amount of your personal time, which may not synchronize with your personal or work schedule.

It May Take Some Convincing

When you finally have the talk with your parent(s) about moving to assisted living, you’ll likely find resistance. They don’t want to lose their independence or move away from their home and family. This can be a difficult conversation to navigate, but there are ways to alleviate some of the stress of the topic.

Be sure to let your parents know that they’ll be well cared for, while retaining their independence. Assisted living does not mean they aren’t allowed to do anything on their own. Additionally, you can gather information on several different facilities in your area, providing options and researched information beforehand. There are even services to help you and your loved ones find placement, such as this assisted living placement in Scottsdale. They’ll do the research, provide you with options, and help make a choice to best fit everyone’s needs.

Medicare Does Not Cover Assisted Living Costs

Medicare will only cover health-related costs while your parent is living at the facility, leaving the cost of their stay, along with the services included at the facility, will fall to you and your family. While there are private insurances that will cover assisted living costs, (please refer to your parent’s healthcare plan) there are also those that do not, and you may end up with the bill if you don’t plan accordingly. Be sure to check all of your options, see what’s covered and what isn’t, and make a financial plan to cover the costs should any insurances not offer coverage.


Assisted living may be your best option for keeping your parent happy, safe, and well cared for. Consider the advantages-not to mention the peace of mind-to knowing that your loved one is cared for all day, every day. There’s no price on that.

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