It is an important consideration in the hair transplant procedure that the outcomes should achieve the best cosmetic benefits of the procedure both internally and externally. The external effect of the restoration procedure can be seen through the hairline design, density of hair follicles as well as the effective coverage of the bald area with the live hair follicles that explores the proficiency of a Surgeon who performed the hair transplant procedure. But, when talking about internally, it is about the successful growth of hair follicles with all the best healing effect and that is why there is a need of PRP (platelet-rich plasma) in the hair transplant procedure that influences the hair follicles to grow by stimulating the numbers of dermal papilla cells. It has been found out that the numbers of dermal papilla cells are decreased in individuals with balding. However, the PRP session is recommended by the expert surgeons who are performing the hair transplant procedure in order to make the procedure is a bio-effective and that’s why a new term of Bio-FUT or Bio-FUE introduced in the hair restoration world.

As far as PRP is considered, it is a preparation from the patient’s own blood to separate platelet-rich plasma followed by the centrifugal process that was maintained at certain speeds, temperature, and pressure to make them an activity to support the growth of hair follicles. The activated plasma of the blood is enriched with the cytokines and a growth factor that stimulated the growth of hair follicles as well as acts as an integral part of wound healing. If the technique of hair restoration followed by the PRP session it gives you a better result by increasing the wound healing response against the procedure performed and hair follicles stimulated to grow effectively. The hair transplant in Mumbai option is famous with the advanced technique and expert mind as they incorporate the innovative method to fulfill the hair transplant goal, but when it is a matter of expenses, the hair transplant cost in Mumbai is a costlier one as compared to the other state of India like Jaipur & Delhi.

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The Role of PRP in Genetic Hair Loss

  1. It is a temporary solution to control hair loss

First of all, it should be noted that the PRP session is allowed to those patients who are not eligible for receiving the hair transplant procedure. The patients whether the younger or might have affected with some conditional or physical problem that prevented him to go ahead with the restoration decision and PRP session is allowed by the hair loss Doctor. Thus, the PRP session is recommended in the case of a genetic hair loss to control the loss to some extent. The other condition, when the PRP is allowed is when there is need of attaining the best positive response of the procedure and that is termed as the Bio-FUT or Bio-FUE technique.

  1. It is effective with a great response along with the technique selection

To make the hair transplant procedure an effective one with a great response the PRP injection is allowed that gives the best outcomes in terms of higher growth rate as well as the sooner healing process. The combination of PRP injection with the FUT technique or an FUE termed as the Bio-FUT or Bio-FUE influences the growth of hair follicles and a patient achieves the best cosmetic result of the particular technique. However, the best surgeon recommends the PRP injection along with the hair restoration procedure.

Points to be noted in the PRP Session:

  • It cannot regenerate the hair follicles but stimulate the growth of hair follicles
  • It is recommended to control the hair loss to some extent when a patient is not an eligible candidate for hair transplantation
  • It increases the wound healing response and helps in attaining the best cosmetic results
  • It is followed by the centrifugal process with a certain measure of application rules that adhere to the need of an expert hair transplant surgeon for the procedure.


On the whole, we can say that the PRP or platelet-rich plasma is a boosting therapy that is associated with the better healing response and the best cosmetic benefits of the surgery that favor the bio-technique in order to achieve the best cosmetic results of the hair transplant procedure.

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