The platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is an effective, feasible, and cost-effective treatment for controlling the hair loss. The PRP is successfully used in the treatment of hair loss problem to control the further loss. Here’s a fine line between controlling the hair loss and sort out permanently the problem that needs to be understandable. The hair loss problem arises due to the Androgenic alopecia or any other alopecia is successfully cured by the hair restoration procedure. But, it is not possible all the time to apply the procedure of restoration and so the Surgeon or Doctor recommends the PRP treatment. The PRP injection allows the hair follicles to grow and stopped the further loss by blocking the behavior of hair roots behavior against the immune system. The PRP method is cost-effective also as it is done via the injection and the cost of an injection is much lesser than the meaty hair transplant cost.

Androgenic alopecia or male pattern baldness is a very common type of hair loss occurs due to the genetic factor with the combination of the hormonal effect that is experienced by both male and females. The problem arises in the male pattern baldness can experience with the discrete hair loss limited to certain areas of the scalp. In men, the pattern baldness is experienced onto the areas of the top, front, crown, and the crown area that is severely affected by the loss and shows the fuller baldness, except the areas of occipital & parietal part of the scalp. The hair transplant is a final and permanent solution to restore the original hair and only allows for the patients who are above the age of 25. The hair transplant procedure is not recommended for the very young patients as the stability of donor areas are not confirmed in such a young age and a Surgeon allows some alternative measure to control hair loss problem.

The PRP or platelet-rich plasma is one such alternative measure that controls the hair loss problem until the transplantation is not performed, but in some instances the Surgeon allows the PRP treatment along with the hair restoration to increase the outcomes in terms of strong, natural hair with good color and caliber and then the technique is termed as either, bio-FUT or bio-FUE.

The Significance of PRP Treatment in the Hair Loss is as follows:

  1. It controls the Hair loss: Actually, the PRP is a concentrated blood plasma-protein that induces the growth of hair follicles and prevents it from further loss. The PRP is a mixture of plasma protein that is concentrated certain temperature, pressure and force to collect its very purest form and enriched with the essential elements that encourage the growth of hair follicles. But, it is needed to repeat with a certain interval of time like a gap between the 2-3 months for the next PRP session to make the treatment effect.
  2. It makes the technique a Bio-effective: The PRP session when allows along with the restoration of hair, either with the FUT or FUE technique increases and enhances the hair regrowth outcomes and helps in a faster healing process after a hair transplant. The PRP session hence now becomes an advanced option to control hair loss as well as used to encourage the rate of the outcomes both with quality and quantity.
  3. It allows Hairs to thicken and Postpone Hair loss: The PRP therapy has a property to enhance the caliber of hair roots and allows them to thicken with improved texture and color as well as postpone the hair loss or control the further loss by the activity of plasma-protein that are directly injected into the scalp skin.


On the whole, we can say that the PRP treatment is an effective measure to control the hair loss that encourages the hair follicles to survive a bit longer by postponing the effect of miniaturization of hairs.

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