When you order weed from an online dispensary Canada there are a few things that you should essentially do. First, check for the legality and authenticity of the medical or recreational dispensary. The safest way to buy Cannabis online is to find a legally licensed dispensary. In states where recreational use of weed is legal, ordering it can be as simple as ordering a pizza provided you found an authentic store. The orders will be dispatched as quickly as Domino’s. Also check whether you need a doctor’s referral, a patient form or a medical marijuana card before placing your order.

Go through recommendations

You must always choose an online store to buy your weed based on referrals and recommendations. You can ask your friends or colleagues who you know use marijuana for medical or recreational purpose. Look for both online and offline recommendations. You will be able to know about their experience of buying weed from these stores first hand. Apart from the information about the best place to go and buy your weed, you will also get handsome tips about what you should avoid from such reliable, tried and tested recommendations from your friends and colleagues.

Start with minimum order

Always start by placing a minimum order. This is a smart move to know about the online store, their quality of product, delivery schedule, return and refund policy, payment factors and much more. Once you gain confidence on the store, you can place your required order. Lastly, you must follow the best online security practices and keep anonymity. It is wise to get a different debit account and use the card for your transactions. If you do not have a separate account then make sure that you use a card that has a small balance to be on the safe side. Card fraud can lead to vanishing of account balance and also to huge overdrafts.

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