If you are not too excited about your baby’s next visit to the pediatrician, below are a few secrets you should know that will make your next visit a breeze. One tip to have an easy checkup is not to schedule an appointment during your child’s nap time. Visiting the pediatrician during the child’s nap time will make them cranky and quite hard to examine. Below are some other secrets you should know when visiting a Brooklyn pediatrician.

The longest waits are on Monday

If you are planning your week and you schedule your toddler’s doctor visit on Monday, and you still want to go grocery shopping on the same day, forget it. If possible schedule the appointment on any other day of the week because Mondays are always crammed with appointments for kids who got sick during the weekend. On Monday the wait time is long, the staff is exhausted and overwhelmed making it the worst day to visit the pediatrician. The best time to visit the Brooklyn pediatrician is any day from Tuesday to Friday in the morning or after lunch. Try and avoid walk-in hours.

Conduct research before the visit

Some doctors spend between 11 to 15 minutes with parents while others will take less than 10 minutes. Ten minutes might not be enough to ask all the questions you intended to ask. That is why it is important to conduct quick research before going into the pediatrician’s office. The office website can prove to be quite resourceful because they will post frequently asked questions on their website. Looking over these questions, you might get an idea of exactly what you want to ask the Brooklyn pediatrician.

You do not have to wait in the waiting area

One of the most stressful parts of taking your child to the pediatrician is the long wait in the waiting area. You do not have to wait in the germ-filled waiting area. If you suspect that your wait will be long, you can tell the receptionist that you will be in the hallway and they will be more than happy to give you a call when it is your turn. You can also keep checking if it’s your turn every five minutes. If you have to wait in the waiting area, remember to carry your toys. Even though the office toys are sanitized on a daily basis, some virus can stay intact. If you are worried that your child will catch something, then pack your toys to keep them entertained.

Your child’s visit to the pediatrician can be the most dreaded time of the week, but it does not have to be. With the above tips, you are equipped to navigate the pediatrician’s office with ease.

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