The cost of IVF treatment is way too much for a majority of couples trying to conceive through ART means. IVF is the most sought conception technique where the eggs and the sperms are combined in a laboratory. The embryo is afterward transferred to the woman’s womb for development.  

It is now a major concern since the average IVF cost is currently estimated to be Rs. 1.5 lakh in India and yet, many couples have to try at least 3 IVF cycles before attaining a pregnancy that at last results in a live birth.

According to a study, it was ascertained that reducing the equipment cost for the insemination and embryonic culture before embryo transfer could lower the IVF cost. The findings of the study also confirmed a pregnancy rate of 34 and a live birth rate of 29%.

Changing the Focus

IVF ‘In Vitro Fertilization’ is now a popular ART approach of conception. Ever since the treatment technique was introduced, its cost has been a major barrier for patients who desire to have children.

Currently, researchers have noted that the introduction of a low-resource but highly effective IVF system can improve IVF affordability, pregnancy rates, and the live rate. According to the researchers, their main target is to introduce more reproductive medicine to all couples, rather than providing it only to those who can afford it like in the past.

The researchers also noted that the commonest infertility trigger among women is bilateral tubal occlusion, which generally requires IVF. It is also somehow more beneficial for women with blocked Fallopian tubes to directly seek IVF rather than opting for other treatments like IUI.

Study Cases

According to a 2009 study, researchers evaluated the possibility of a closed culture system that facilitated preimplantation embryogenesis with the help of a reliably affordable 10 millimeter vacutainer.

Having conducted the test on mice, forty women came up for the study. Thirty-five of these women underwent single embryo transfers and twenty-three of the women were selected randomly by an embryologist who never knew about the study.

Out of the twenty-three women, eight clinical pregnancies were registered and only one miscarriage at eight weeks. Only two clinical pregnancies resulted from the 12 women with normal IVF embryos.

In 2013, seven healthy babies were born via the simplified culture system. Among these, four were boys and three girls, and lastly, routine IVF pregnancies resulted in two healthy girls.

How Affordable Could IVF Treatment Become?

There is a possibility that IVF cost in India could lower when the least expensive new IVF system is considered.

Previously and still, the traditional IVF treatment procedure is centered around the need for specialized medical-grade gases or equipment such as a cultureware, large area air filtration systems, and microprocessor-controlled tissue culture incubators, among other equipment.

The high laboratory costs also render IVF centres to hike the treatment cost, which certainly exerts more burden on the patients. To avail IVF treatment at an affordable rate, our advanced IVF Centre in India is considering the latest IVF system.

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