Bodybuilding has long been one of the most sought for passion as well as a profession all around the globe. Several athletes and bodybuilders have included strenuous exercises and strict diet chart on their list to achieve their goals. They have also opted for several steroidal drugs that help to shape up their body. However, most of these drugs mimic the endogenous hormones of the body and any alteration in their levels in the body might lead to alarming side effects. Therefore the health organizations in every country have strict rules regarding their usage in the country.

A brief introduction to Winstrol

Therefore if you wish to choose any drug for your bodybuilding purpose, then you need to look into its legal status in Europe. One such drug that helps in cutting excess fat from the body is Winstrol. It also has muscle gain and strength generating effects. However, these effects produced by the drug are mild and other potent drugs are mainly recommended above it. Therefore if you wish to have Winstrol to supplement your weight loss plan, you need to know how to get the drug in the UK.

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How to obtain Winstrol in the UK?

Winstrol, also known as Stanozolol, is an anabolic steroid derived from DHT. It is considered as a controlled drug with the restricted sale in the USA. However, the scenario in the UK about its sale is more blurry. It is better to do a simple google search about the list of pharmacies and chemist stores that deals in this product. In the UK, Winstrol is allowed as a medication for treatment of diseases, making it difficult to be bought online. However, possessing the drug is not deemed as against the law. Moreover, Winstrol is banned by all kinds of sport-related associations and athletic groups in the UK. Therefore, if you wish to buy the drug from any store or online, you need to exert extreme caution before starting off the procedure of administration of the drug.

Cases of Winstrol Ban across the world

Since Winstrol is banned across the globe by different sports organizations, illegal use of the drug by athletes are handled in a strict manner. When tested positive for Winstrol, OlimpiadaIvanova was asked to return her silver medal which she achieved for the 10 km walk in the 1997 World Championships. She was also banned from the game for two years. Shot putter Vita Pavlysh was also disqualified and stripped off her gold medal which she achieved in 1999 IAAF world Indoor Championships on similar grounds. She also had to give up her 2004 title and was banned for life. The then ambassador of Swedish anti-steroid organization, Magnus Hedman, was also convicted after he tested positive for Winstrol.

There are several such cases of people getting banned from their career and game because of the illegal use of the drug. If you do not want to be one of them, it is important that you pay heed to the legal status in Europe related to the drug before starting the administration process. This will help you to build your body in a problem-free manner.

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