Having turtles at home is very much like having a shy and caring friend. Pet turtles appear to be the ideal pet. Caring pet turtle is a bit advanced than that thinking of just giving little food and providing the tank. They are the unique animals and have some different requirements when they are kept as a pet at home. Being an owner it becomes very important to be educated all about turtle care and needs. But nowadays it becomes very easy to know all about as the internet made it all possible.

Many of the online stores are available that helps you to have all medicines and caring stuff for your pets. From Canadian pharmacy online store one can have prescribed and non- prescribed medicine at their doorstep for pets. There are some of the rules that you should know when you are having the turtle at your home.

Feeding Rule

 Never overfeed your turtle, this can lead them to be obese. When you give lots of food and leave them alone they start having it themselves and become obese. This will ultimately make your turtle surround with lots of health issues; the vet bills will then create a dire situation for you. The thumb rule for the food to give is never given food more than the size of the turtle’s head and neck. Allow your turtles to have food for the fifteen minutes after fifteen minutes take away food.

Clean Environment-

 People sometimes ignore the poop that turtles do in their water tanks, so leftover food with poop can be responsible for the unsanitary environment. This ultimately leads to health issues to your turtle. Rotting food can also help in the breeding of molds and is the major cause of spreading harmful diseases. Powerful filters can be the best choice to make the living area of the turtles to be less acidic. Set up an area for the turtle inside and outside the tank to know how much old food gets sprawled about.


 Turtles actually don’t love to be manhandled. If you are having kids at home then they love to be with turtles but turtles get threatened by them. It is illegal to have turtles smaller in size as this can make your kids swallow and have salmonella poisoning. Turtles of all size and type carry salmonella gene, so it very important to wash your hands after handling turtles. To prevent them from contaminated it is very much necessary to wash before handling them as well. People love to have turtles at their home but they are not good for the children, but if so they must maintain the proper environment for them.

Whatever pet you have at your home, it’s mandatory to have the proper guidelines for taking care of them and you must be prepared to perform your duty dedicatedly. Pets are for giving you peace of mind and they can resolve all your stress also.

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