Nandeeswaran, Nandu to his friends and family, lived the life of any other middle-class Indian man with a wife, child, and an ageing parent to support. He worked for Rittal and performed all the duties required of a responsible adult with conscientiousness and cheer. The 33 year old man and his family and loved ones were taken utterly by surprise when Nandu was diagnosed with a rare form of blood cancer – acute myeloid leukemia. The sheer magnitude and scale of the problem threw them off their feet. Their prime concern was surrounding treatment funds. They went out of their minds with worry because they were all committed to make the best available treatment for Nandu, which would probably extrapolate into a situation where he would need an autologous bone marrow transplant, in addition to palliative therapies and medication and the cost of repeat cycles of radiation and chemotherapy.

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The first thing that Nandu’s family did was to claim an insurance payout. The money that came through only served them for a little longer than a week. That is when his friends began to explore ways of raising medical treatment funds in India. The first took stock of how much they would need to cover all pending treatment costs, and by a moderate estimate, they found this to be about Rs. 15 lakhs. Through intense sessions of research and brainstorming, the well-wishers of Nandu hit upon the concept of “crowdfunding India” and decided to give it a try in a bid to raise the funds needed for his leukemia treatment.

Nandu’s friend Saravanan started a medical crowdfunding campaign on India’s leading crowdfunding platform, Impact Guru, the go to crowdfunding platform for medical funding solutions for people who don’t have enough savings to cover them. In the absence of universal health coverage, medical crowdfunding has appeared as a specter of hope on the Indian healthcare horizon, with thousands of patients benefiting from adequate therapies through Impact Guru fundraising alone. Motivated by the examples of others who have successfully fundraised on Impact Guru alone, Saravanan started a fundraiser for Nandu and set a target amount of Rs. 1500000 to raise expert consultation fees, radiation and chemotherapy, surgery, dialysis and the cost of the drugs that will help Nandu get back on his feet soon. Many of their friends have already contributed and raised nearly three lakh rupees in nine days!

Cancer crowdfunding is helping thousands across India raise costs from compassionate donors who give out of real goodwill for people they may not even have met. To help a friend with cancer, start your Impact Guru campaign today.

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