In the cannabis world, many of the diseases are thrown out by the magical properties of the incredible medicine. Natural medicine that is medicinal marijuana is working on its beneficial properties to deal with fatal diseases. People are still confused whether it is used for relief of stress? But according to a study the low dose of cannabis relieves stress and helps to relax.

Over ancient times marijuana is used for fighting against a variety of medical ailments. But nowadays it has changed dramatically and proved its best. As the drug is highly regulated category 1 substance so it is not legal to produce or to permit to study it. Cannabis oil is nowadays preferred for many of the diseases to recover faster and is also safe than others. THC ingredient that is present in cannabis is according to study helps in stress.

Dose Of THC– From the ancient time cannabis is used to relax and can relieve stress. Many of the studies are done and are still on the way to make it clear about the other factors responsible for relieve in stress. People are given low dose with 7.5 mg of THC and the moderate dose where a person is given 12.5 mg of THC and the placebo group where a person is given capsules containing no THC.

Although it is difficult to ingest cannabis than to smoke cannabis. It is reported that the person given the low dose of THC reported less stress than those who are given the placebo which was not having THC. A person who is given more dose of THC is reported to have the negative mood before and after the task and test.

Stress– Pressure or tension that results from the demanding situation is the stress. Stress can be physical, mental, psychological or combinations of these. But how could one know that he or she is suffering from stress?

Memory problem, inability to concentrate, poor judgment, negative thinking, and constant worrying are some of the cognitive symptoms of stress. Physical symptoms are acnes, pains, nausea, dizziness, and frequent cold, loss of sex drive and diarrhea or constipation. Emotional symptoms can be depression or general unhappiness, anxiety, and agitation, mood swing, feeling overwhelmed and loneliness.

Causes of Stress– generally we think of that stressors are negative like exhausting work or the rocky relationship, but actually whatever that puts higher demands on you can be stressful. Not all stress is caused by the external factor; internal factors are also responsible for such condition.

It can be self-generated when one worries extensively about something. The perception is a very important factor in stress. One’s perception is responsible for him to be near stress. Some of the people are afraid of being present in the crowd; this is also a kind of stress. There are various external and internal factors or we can say causes that are responsible for one’s stress. But it’s all up to you how to deal with it.

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