Stress has been a constant companion in everybody’s everyday lives. In order to relax, find themselves, and learn how to become one with the power of the universe, people have been rapidly joining yoga courses and, in general practice yoga in all of its forms.

What’s more, the yoga sutra, which is made popular by Patanjali, was a system that spoke of living your life fully and ethically. But did you know that there is another system which is as important? It’s called kriya yoga and we’ll be talking all about it today.

Next, we’ll say a few words about why kriya yoga is useful to you. For those interested in practicing it, we got you covered as there’s a section dedicated to all the exercises you need to start your kriya yoga journey.

Why Kriya Yoga?

A synonym for kriya yoga is self-realization. Among other things, this philosophy and practice leads the person on a path to calmness, weeding out sorrow and grief, and learning of the communion with God. The goal of the individuals who practice it is to achieve the ultimate state of tranquility – being one with everything there is.

As a mixture of yoga, ethical living, and meditating, it’s good for the spirit. Moreover, some say that kriya yoga may be a tool for ridding yourself of bad luck.

3 Exercises of Kriya Yoga

Kriya yoga consists of tapas, which means self-discipline; svadhyaya, which means the study of oneself; and ishvara pranidhana which deals with the devotion to God. These three elements can’t be separated because each is an expression of the eternal Whole.

So the tapas helps you work on your body, svadhyaya is for the mind, and ishvara pranidhanadevelops your Self. We’ll discuss them more in detail now.


Its literal meaning is heat, even though many take it to mean ‘discipline’. Physically, you can get your body heated by practicing asana or Kapalabhati’s breathing practices and such. With this process, you burn all the blockades that you have inside for so long and you let out prana, which means life force. This relaxes your mind.


Just like the tapas, this one also has a literal meaning. And that’s to recite, repeat, as well as rehearse. In this case, you should recite and repeat a mantra. More specifically, the mantra ‘Om’ that is the symbol of the Lord.

Furthermore, svadhyaya focuses on sacred scriptures, too. These act as a mirror so that you can see into yourself and study yourself.

Ishvara Pranidhana

For this element, it’s important to express your love and devotion to God and the Lord. With it, you can reach the crucial and unified sensation of yoga – samadhi. To find your connection with the universe, you need to have a mindset of offering and not to think about what yoga can do for you.

It’s important to note that these three elements aren’t ordered in a hierarchy. That’s because every one of the action incorporates the other two.

What’s your opinion regarding kriya yoga? Have you practiced it before? Tell us all about it!

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