You must make a careful and precise comparison between indica vs. sativa to choose the best type of strain for you. You must be knowledgeable about the two distinct types starting right from the plant itself. Both sativa and indica are uniquely different in appearance. This is because these evolve in different areas. A sativa plant will usually growup to 4 meters and is less dense. It has a narrow appearance and the leaves are light green in color. These features help it to survive well in the areas that have high humidity.Indica is short, denser and bushy growing up to 2 meters with dark green leaves and found in hot and dry areas.

The THC and CBD factor

Another major difference in the anatomy of these two plants is in the density of thebuds. The buds of indica buds are wider and denser as compared to the elongated and less dense buds of sativa. However, there is no significant difference in the level of THC and CBD in both indica and sativa, no matter how strongly this is portrayed. It is all due to the genetics of indica and sativa that enables the growers to grow high THC and CBD strains of both these plants.

The types of high

However, when you consume both will produce different level of high. While sativa can make you more energetic on the other hand indicawill lockyou to your couch.  The reason for such palpable difference is due to the difference in the terpene profile. This is the most significant indicator of the effects these can produce. Terpenes are usually essential oils. These are the ones that make the plants smell and are present in different amounts in the cannabis. Moreover, indicacontains more myrcenethat promotes body relaxation and sativa increases appetite, focus and relief from nausea and depression.

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