Jungian therapy is an in-depth, analytical form of talk therapy designed specifically to bring together the conscious and unconscious parts of the mind to help a person feel balance and whole. Jungian therapy NYC can help improve the lives of people struggling with anxiety, depression, low-self esteem and other emotional problems.

To be more practical when a patient is suffering from depression, the tell-tale symptoms are there; from being withdrawn to keeping mute all day to feeling really dejected…. the list goes on.  These are not so pleasant experiences for anybody especially with the fact that it interrupts one’s social life; but in this predicament lies the healing therapy- we can reflect over issues that plunged us into the dejected mood and come up with solutions.

The process of healing may not all be the same for every type of emotional strain or mental illness a patient may suffer but one fact stands out, the body heals up itself.  If you just can figure out how this will happen, going for Jungian therapy NYC can help you understand the recovery circle is the way to go.

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Shared understanding is greater than the sum of its parts

The merging of the two perspectives of the parties involved in the therapeutic approach is what often makes the Jungian approach so efficient in tackling psychiatric ailments. From the life experiences shared by clients, therapists are able to apply their skill and training in counselling and guiding clients on the path of recovery. This probably is the missing link in other approaches that have failed where the Jungian approach recorded tremendous success. The emphasis of the Jungian approach is working together rather than either parties working alone.

Dialogue between equals

In the Jungian therapeutic process, both parties have an equal sense of responsibility in proffering a solution that works. This perception easily makes both parties accept each other as equals; they can share problems, experiment solutions, reflect and celebrate the success of the whole process together.  

So the Jungian therapeutic approach to psychotherapy is not just a medical procedure but also a home where you can find a therapist as a friend who welcome your suggestions and allow you maintain your persona while he stretches his hands of assistance to help you through your psychiatric challenge.

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