Every person is working harder these days and this is the reason; stress levels too are getting higher. No matter you is at home, work or school, but your increased stress levels can result in a lack of motivation, energy, satisfaction, and excitement in life. There are present many mood-enhancing supplements which can help you in restoring your balance besides promoting a feeling of general well-being. The majority of these supplements do their work by modulating Serotonin and Dopamine neurotransmitters present within the brain to correct chemical imbalances. Simply, increasing the oxygen uptake and blood flow to your brain can turn out to be highly beneficial and this leads to an improved mood, energy levels, and motivation.

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When you think about a shortage of motivation, depression or difficulty in concentrating and focusing then the first thing that comes to mind is Serotonin. The shortage of serotonin turns out as a problem for countless people suffering from depression plus other mental health problems. According to researchers, dopamine is also involved in this issue. A lack of pleasure and a shortage of sufficient focus to get things accomplished can be called as dopamine shortage symptom. To combat these issues, there are many natural mood enhancers that can help patients suffering from anxiety, depression, and low motivation.

The list of mood enhancers

5-HTP – This nootropic compound is also recognized as Griffonia Seed Extract and this comes from one woody climbing shrub which is native to Central and West Africa. This is a naturally occurring ancestor to tryptophan, a vital amino acid. 5-HTP works by playing a vital role in the development of Serotonin in your brain. The powder form of this compound not only lessens the levels of anxiety and stress but can also limit the seriousness of panic attacks.

L-Tyrosine or NALT – NALT is recognized as an acetylated form of the non-vital amino acid, known as Tyrosine. Your body can produce this compound from other amino acids and the NALT form can be easily absorbed by your body. This compound can be created in the production of Dopamine and from there; Dopamine is used for creating norepinephrine. This compound can balance your mood and help you to relax.

Phenibut – This is an interesting mood improving supplement and it has got many potential benefits. This compound averts over-excitability of the neurons and this is the neurological reason for causing anxiety.

Aniracetam – This compound heightens your mental energy thus, making it easier for you to focus, concentrate, study, get motivated and even remain alert and awake when exhaustion sets in.

Multivitamins to enhance your mood

There are some mood-boosting vitamins, particularly, vitamin B6, zinc, and folate that are vital for neurotransmission and dopamine synthesis. These nutrients are exhausted in people due to inadequate diets, medication, toxic environmental exposures, and excessive stress which compromise on your body’s capability to synthesize neurotransmitters, such as dopamine. The high-quality and highly potent multivitamin or mineral supplement can turn out to be natural mood enhancers and they play a complementary role to support your emotional wellness. However, before you take these mood enhancers, do have a consultation with your healthcare practitioner and moreover, do not consume these supplements if you are pregnant or a lactating woman.

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