As we age, there are a lot of changes our bodies go through, and when we look into the mirror, our face often reminds us of how old we are. If you are someone who really dislikes that feeling, today’s medicine has the power to help you out with some issues with simple procedures.

Thread Lifting

One of the most common ways to solve the saggy skin on your face that has been caused by aging is via the thread lifting procedure. This is a simple procedure that involves no cutting or stitching which would leave scarring and force you through recovery time after it is done, but instead it is a procedure that involves putting threads under your skin that will tighten it up.

The threads that are put under your skin will stay under it for around twelve months, and as time passes by they will slowly get dissolved and absorbed by your body while getting replaced by some other matter produced by your body which will keep your face as good as it was after the procedure.

There are many reputable doctors today which can do this procedure, such as the ones that do thread lift in Melbourne by Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne. The whole thread lifting procedure will take from one to three hours depending on the surface you would like to cover by this procedure.

Usually when people decide to do the thread lifting procedure, they wonder if some other procedures can be done at the same time, and because the body is not stressed during this treatment, the answer is yes. You can easily receive other skin rejuvenating procedures, as well as injections and fillers.

You will get your young look back after a thread lift

Upper and lower eyelid surgery

One of the most common parts of the face that Is first to succumb to aging are the eyelids, and while thread lifting is a great overall solution, a lot of people need only the simple upper and lower eyelid surgery to make themselves look young again. This procedure is also known as Blepharoplasty, and it can take care of hooded eyes and sagging eyelids.

The whole procedure will take from an hour to three hours, and it will involve a recovery time as it is after all a serious surgical procedure. During the procedure, you will be sedated with local anesthesia which will prevent you from feeling any pain or discomfort. To make the bleeding minimal, the doctors will use radio frequencies to make the incision, and once the cut is made, they will remove the unwanted fat.

In the Australian area, you can get expert eyelid surgery in Melbourne by Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne, and if you are living somewhere else, you are bound to find professionals in your local clinic. During your recovery time, sometimes there might be side effects if your body reacts negatively to the surgery, however, those are minor issues that surgeons can easily take care of.

You can remove all the fat from your eyelids with a simple procedure

Final Word

Improving your looks today is quite easy, and there is really no need to make yourself feel old once you step in front of the mirror. While some of the procedures which involve your face might take a week or two to take full effect, the wait time will definitely be worth it, especially when you see your young self again in the mirror.

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