The topic of how efficient a man is in bed is sensitive and crucial especially with ED on the rise. ED hugely injures a man’s ego making it hard to be in a relationship. Kamagra online provides Kamagra pills and other alternatives for erectile dysfunction. However, prevention is also very important. Erectile dysfunction creeps in with age. As you age, the risk of erectile dysfunction increases. There are ways to prolong the condition from occurring and they are:

  • Watching your diet and lifestyle

There are many diseases that are associated with lifestyle changes. The diseases include those that affect the heart. A diet that will keep the heart from circulating blood normally is risky to an erection.  The diet will affect the blood vessels flowing blood to the penis and hinder blood flow. A lifestyle that includes fatty foods and processed foods should be traded for one with fruits, vegetables, fish, whole grains and traditional diets.

  • Exercising

One of the causes of ED is being overweight and obese. These conditions may bring about diabetes type 2 which affects the nerves. It may affect nerves supplying blood to the penis. It is therefore important to exercise to keep these conditions from affecting your health and sex life. Go swimming, do some aerobics or even run daily to keep fit. Be cautious not do exercises that put pressure on the perineum. Such exercises affect nerves and blood vessels around the area. If you opt for biking, wear padded pants for protection.

  • Avoiding risky sex

Sex positions which lead to penile injury are to be avoided at all cost. These positions may be the beginning of erection troubles. Research and ask for the best positions that will not harm you from trusted sources and doctors.

  • Keeping track of testosterone levels

Low sex drive is present in elderly men.  For the sake of preventing ED, always check with your doctor the testosterone levels in order to raise an alarm in case of decrease. You may watch out for signs suggesting lower testosterone such as lack of stamina, low sex drive and moodiness. Testosterone is the hormone responsible for erection and if low, ED may be present.

  • Avoiding drugs and alcohol

Drugs like anabolic steroids, alcohol and cigarettes will contribute to erectile dysfunction. The steroids will reduce the ability to produce sex hormones by shrinking testicles while alcohol and cigarettes will affect and damage blood vessel and nerves. Avoid or moderate alcohol intake for

a healthy sex life.

  • Getting plenty of sleep

Sleep helps reduce stress, a cause of erectile dysfunction, and keeps the body hormones balanced. Get enough shuteye to prevent erection troubles.

In addition to the above ways, avoid placing laptops on your lap since the heat released affects the testosterone levels and lead to low sperm count. Do not be a victim of erectile dysfunction while you could have avoided it.

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