The hair transplant procedure is always being a familiar option in the plastic & a cosmetic surgery procedure that gives the original hair back without having any kind of side effects or discomfort. The procedure applies the transferring process of hair roots that are shifted from the donor area into the recipient bald area. The plastic & cosmetic Surgeon always keep this fact in mind that the artistic touch of the surgery should be fulfilled by a careful planning, decision and their implication and the method of technique selection, prediction of required number of grafts as well as offering the quite sufficient density are all come under the aesthetic decision of the surgery.

As far as the plastic & cosmetic surgery facilities in India are concerned, the hair transplant cases are increasing at an enormous rate as many people are affected by the hair loss problem. The medical data based on the cosmetic surgery revealed this fact that around 60% of total world population is affected by the hair loss problem at some point in the life. This data is a combined figure of both the genders and established on the record of hair transplant services given by Indian Doctors and Clinic for last 5-10 years.

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The hair transplant in Bangalore is a costly decision as compared to the procedure taken in Jaipur, Delhi or other northern states of India.

It is mandatory to discuss the topic of cost before going to finalize the procedure as a permanent solution.

The 3 important Factors that decide the cost of a hair transplant procedure are as follows:

  1. The Required Number of Grafts: The hair transplant cost, wholly and solely depends on the number of grafts/follicular unit that is used to implant into the recipient bald area of the scalp in order to fulfill the demand of having a head full of hair. Every graft rate during the hair restoration procedure and therefore the cost is decided by the number of grafts used in the transplantation procedure. The hair transplant cost in India comes under the budget-cost option because of the less charge of the graft. Per graft charge in India is generally ranges between Rs 25 to 120 INR/.
  2. The State of Hair Loss: The state of hair loss is usually decided by the Norwood classification that has 7 categories that define the degree of hair loss and an extent of baldness that need to be covered in the restoration procedure. The baldness grade is directly influenced by the requirement of graft in terms of numbers as every graft has a separate price. When the need is for covering the highest grade, the need of the graft will be increased automatically and affects the cost of the procedure.
  3. The usable technique of the Procedure: Scientifically, there are two proved techniques applicable in the hair restoration procedure, namely, the FUT technique and the FUE one! Since the FUT technique is traditional and worldwide accepted, it weighs at less cost, nonetheless gives the best output because of the graft extraction via the strip excision only from the safe donor area of the scalp, i.e., the back & sides also called the occipital & parietal part. The safe donor area only contains the DHT-resistant hair roots and hence the permanent results are possible, whereas the FUE technique is based on the multiple punching that randomly extracts the grafts and causes a greater damaging for grafts. The cost of FUE is obviously high due to the use of punching machine and even though that are advanced in their model, but the procedure’s efficacy is only dependent on the Surgeon’s perfection of doing the job in terms of artistic hairline design and a very selective implantation of grafts for covering the frontal hairline design as well.



On the whole, we say that the cosmetic surgery procedure of hair transplantation would be a better decision if taken in India as there are many recognized clinics and reputed Surgeons, who provide the services at an affordable cost that, cater patients all over the world.


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