Losing your sense of hearing can be a very traumatizing ordeal and to realize that you are going to spend the rest of your life without the ability to hear a single sound not even the voice of your loved ones when they call out your name nor the sound of your favorite music is far more devastating. It’s an experience nobody want to encounter. Studies have shown that there are lots of factors that can lead to how one can lose his/her hearing abilities. Some of these factors are inherent in our environment, while others are as a result of conditions that we are exposed to in our places of work or place of residence. However, whatever the case might be, hearing aid services will help you enhance your hearing by putting you through these 5 methods:

  1. Schedule EENT (eyes, ears, nose, throat) check-up

Don’t always restrict your bi-annual medical check-up to just the traditional visit to the dentist, general physician, or therapist, but ensure that you add an EENT appointment to your list. During this time, ensure that the hearing aid specialist carries out a thorough examination of your ears to make sure that they are no traces of anything that can lead to the loss of your hearing ability, and if there are salient issues that might pose or lead to a bigger problem the hearing aid specialist should be able to address them by offering the required treatment including recommending hearing aids.

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  1. Self Care

A good hearing aid specialist will admonish you about certain habits that can damage your hearing ability. Habits such as listening to loud music, frequent use of headphones or plug-in handsets. Also constant exposure to noisy environments like shooting ranges, factories that have heavy machines, airstrips, etc.

  1. Vitamin supplements and prescription drugs

To enhance your hearing ability, most hearing aid specialists will advise you to always bank on extra health supplements that are mostly found in medicinal drugs. The following vitamins will be recommended for you: acetyl-carnitine, alpha-lipoic acid, coenzyme, and glutathione. Therefore ensure that you seek drugs with these vitamins to enhance the sense of hearing.

  1. Hearing exercise

A hearing aid specialist will also advise you to embark on certain drills that can help boost your hearing ability. One of such drills involves asking anyone around to set off a buzzer at any random location, you will then be required to point out the exact location the sound came off. Undertaking this drill often will help you get a more focused hearing ability.

  1. Audio therapy

You will have to join a hearing aid specialist on audio therapy sessions. Normally during these sessions, classical music are used as tools to re-energize and calm the cells in your ear and brain thereby improving your hearing abilities.

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