In the heat of summer hydroponic garden can sometimes become a little more expensive – especially if you are using air conditioners and dehumidifiers in your hydroponic or roof qube tent. So why not take advantage of all of the FREE sunlight that nature has to offer at this time of year? Outdoor hydroponics, although slightly different to other hydroponic methods is in many ways still as great –it still provides the perfect balance of water and nutrients, and allows plants to grow quicker than they would in soil. Also, weeding is still eliminated.

Starting an Outdoor Hydroponic Garden: Top Tips



Choose a sunny location – There is no substitute for sill-spectrum summer sunlight, and while indoor hydroponics is fabulous as it can allow light to be created all year round, you should take advantage of the real thing whilst it’s out – after all here in the UK we don’t get much sun. If possible you should pick a sheltered area with a good southern exposure. The location which you place your outdoor hydroponic garden really will make a huge difference so be sure to take your time when looking for a place to put it.

Keep the water reservoir cool – When growing outdoor using hydroponics you will find that you plants are thirstier and taking in more water – do not worry. All that you need to do is ensure that the reservoir in your system is regularly  topped up with cool water (from your hose pipe if you wish, seen as though you’re outside). Where possible you should also ensure that the reservoir is placed in the shade. When it is really, really hot outside you might want to add a little ice to your reservoir. Top Tip: If you keep a few 2 litre bottles of water in your freezer, you will be able to simply drop one in whenever needed.

Ensure air movement – Air movement is critical, and when you’re outside there is usually a breeze so that is good. Air movement keeps the plant cool and the stomata open. However, you don’t want it to be too windy as this can have a negative impact; it is all about finding the right balance and place. Try and grow in a spot that has good air movement but also provides a protective wind break!

These are only some of the available tips too; if you have already started with your outdoor hydroponic garden and can think of any others that you would like to share with us and everyone else, please do not hesitate to let us know! We would also love to see all of your pictures.

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