There are many men who have some sexual disorders so they do not get satisfied with their partners. They ejaculate early and feel ashamed when they are in a relationship as they are not able to satisfy their partner.  There are many medicines like RXShopMD that are used for treating all the sexual disorders and provide you a satisfied sexual relationship. It is one of the reliable medications for treating the symptom of sexual disorders. You can also enjoy the long term sexual relationship with your partner.

In which cases this medication is used?

Erection dysfunction – it is the most common problem seen in men nowadays in which men feel inability to get and maintain the erection of the penis for sexual intercourse. There are some symptoms seen in the men such as having trouble in getting erect, reduced sexual desire, keeping the erection etc. There are many physical causes such as obesity, sleeping disorder, etc. and some psychological cause such as depression, stress and relationship problems which may lead to erectile dysfunction.

Premature ejaculation – it can affect the sexual satisfaction. There are many causes of this disease such as anxiety, relationship stress, depression etc. There is only symptom of this disease and it is that the men are not able to hold more than a minute and ejaculate. This symptom is seen in all sexual situations such as masturbation as well.

 If you are having similar symptoms then you should meet your doctor who will prescribe the medication of Cialis with Dapoxetine for treating these problems. You can buy this medication from the online drug store such as RXShopMD.  You can get your desirable amount of dosage in the perfect pricing if you prefer to use the online drug store.

How to use this medication for enjoying sexual desire?

 Firstly, you should ask about the dosage to your doctor. If they have prescribed for any particular dosage then you should follow all the instructions. If you are not recommended by any doctor then you can take the standard dosage. You should take a single pill before 40 minutes when you plan for the sex. It is not important to take the medicine daily if you are not making sexual relationship daily.

Who should avoid this medication?

Commonly, there is no contradiction shown for using this medication. But if you are having issues like heart problem, kidney or liver problem then you should avoid this medicine. It is also avoided in chronic and acute heart conditions. On the other side, it does not allow combining with other medicines because it may cause some serious health issues.

What should you do if you take overdose?

If you have taken only one pill in a day before 40 minutes of planned sex then it does not show any side effect.  If you take overdose then you will observe all the symptoms such as enhanced heart rate, painful erecting which may remain for several hours. You can also call medical emergency service and take proper treatment for reducing the symptoms of overdosage.

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