The scintillating luxury of full body massage can be understood better, by previously experienced persons, rather than explaining by words. When the fingers of massage specialists “play” rhythmically on your body from neck to toe, you are sure to forget this world, enter into a fantasy world, with saliva oozing (unknowingly) from your mouth.

If you are living in Pune and wish to enjoy private and personal massage in Pune, by the trained professionals of UrbanClap – all that is needed is to click . Finished – done – no sooner a massage specialist with the complete Kit for all necessities will tap your door. From then on, you will be immersed into exhilarating glee, by the full body massage with herbal oils and substances, inside the privacy of your home.

What types of body massages are made available?

In a busy Metropolitan City like Pune, if you need to get the Services of Spa or massage in Pune, the cost will go hefty. Moreover, you will be one among several customers there. At times, you may have to wait for your turn to get their Service. Can you afford to wait there sacrificing your precious time-schedules?

In contrast, if you contact UrbanClap, immediately you will get their spontaneous attention, in sending an exclusive Body Massage Specialist with all the needed apparatuses and substances to your home.

You need not wait. Instead, you can finish your urgent work in hand, before the Specialist arrives and be ready for them. Inside your home, you can feel very comfortable to get the leisurely no-haste massage in Pune, the way you wanted it to be.

You can opt for any of the following expert massages for women by women, at your home:

  • Swedish Massage of 60 minutes duration that includes – Full Body Oil Massage; Medium Pressure; with Spa Bed and Essential Oils
  • Swedish Massage of 90 minutes duration if you need any other massage-related tasks
  • If you so require, you can choose Comprehensive Packages that consist of De-stress Treatment for 80 minutes – which will be done this way – 60 minutes Swedish Massage and 20 minutes Head and Shoulder
  • Body Scrub Treatment in which you get Full Body Scrub done by expert professional for 20 minutes
  • There are also Add-ons as well. You can select Head Oil Massage for 20 minutes, with nourishing Coconut oil Massage that releases stress and revitalizes the scalp.
  • Face Massage for 20 minutes, for relaxing and calming your facial muscles; promotes warm blood flow to your face; rejuvenates your blood-cells and improves skin glow; and in doing this Face Massage, special Organic Moisturizing Cream is used.
  • Head and Shoulder massage for 20 minutes – De-stressing massage that can give you quick relief from headaches and eases upper body tensions.
  • Special Foot Reflexology for 20 minutes, where a deep pressure is applied on focal points and improves your internal immunity of the body mechanism
  • Body Scrub for 20 minutes that is a specialist exfoliating Full Body Scrub that removes dead skin cells, and hydrates skin tissues.

Remember all the above massage in Pune at your home comes to you at a very affordable cost, which you never imagined this low.

What other Services you can get from UrbanClap?

UrbanClap is a multi-faceted Service Portal. Apart from massage in Pune as explained above, you can rely upon them and also inform your friends and relatives, for the following expert professional services:

Health and Wellness; Home Cleaning; All kinds of Repair Services; Shifting Homes; Home Design and Construction; Wedding Services; Party and Event Services; and Help for Your Business by Web designing and development, Chartered Accountants, and CA/CS for Company Registration etc.

Just click and enjoy!

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