Treadmills have been introduced as one of the essentials of life for exercising at your own comfort. If you are purchasing a treadmill for you then you can go for Malibu 12T Treadmill with many advanced features inbuilt and you will experience various benefits after using it.


It is having a huge three phase motor giving output of 8 horse power. It is an A/C motor. It is featured with non slipping cushion surface with ortho grade. Your joint stress and knee pain is reduced to almost 70% with the air touch suspension. Walking on this tread mill you will feel like as if you are walking on air. You can entertain yourself during your workout by touch screen console that usually comes with YouTube, Netflix etc. It is also having Aux/USB compatibility.


Before purchasing a treadmill always compare the features with other treadmills. The surface provided for running should be comfortable for you.


Treadmills are best exercising machine for making your home gym. It is easily accessible by its users and has 32 inch LCD screens. Hence, you can purchase them for your comfort.

About treadmills

If you want to get trained like a pro then you can go for Malibu 12T Treadmill. It gives a superior and luxurious feeling when you will exercise on it. You can enjoy brisk walking and simply running on these treadmills. Well cushioned smooth and sturdy deck surface gives you the feeling as if you are walking on air.


  • Compatible with smart phones
  • 32 inch LCD screen easily accessible.
  • Non slipping cushion surface.


  • Overall rating- 5 stars
  • Motor capacity- 8 HP
  • Phase- 3 phase AC motor.

Least favorite features

  • Sturdy and smooth deck surface
  • Internet and iphone connectivity
  • Touch screen
  • Steel frame
  • Ortho grade cushion surface

Malibu 12T treadmillTreadmill is one of the most recommended treadmills for gym lovers. It has 8HP A/C motor with various other advanced features.

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