“Our worst crime is abandoning the children, neglecting the foundation of life. Many of the things we need can wait. The child cannot. To him we cannot answer ‘Tomorrow’. His name is ‘Today’.”
– Gabriela Mistral

Nothing describes the sorry state of healthcare for newborns in India as succinctly as this quote. It is true that as a developing country we face multiple severe problems but the lack of attention to a problem like this is a grave mistake. While efforts to reduce maternal and child mortality rates over the past 20 years have had a striking impact, stillbirths and newborn deaths have over the same period missed out on the attention they need.

India was home to 700,000 of the one million babies who died within 28 days of birth in South Asia in 2015, according to a Unicef report. It consistently ranked a low sixth in newborn-care services among the eight countries in the south asian region. It lags behind small states like Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Maldives.

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India has lived through with a 24% share in newborn deaths in the world in 2016, a United Nations report said. The total number of deaths per day is nearly 15,000.

A vast majority of newborn deaths in the world are the direct result of severe infections at birth, which occurs due to the lack of institutional deliveries. Low birth weight, which is caused by preterm birth, is an underlying factor in 60–80% of neonatal deaths. Most of these deaths occur at home, are unrecorded, and remain invisible to all but affected families.

Neonatal mortality is among the most neglected public health issues. A major barrier in reducing the number of neonatal deaths is the fact that only high-level technology and institutional health facility-based care can reduce neonatal mortality, which is forbiddingly expensive.

The average cost of Neonatal Intensive Care Unit facilities per day is  Rs 4000. A ventilator, which is mandatory for baby’s survival, costs as high as Rs. 7000 to 10000, per day. Apart from this, there are expenses like medication and drugs, doctor’s fees, hospital admission charges., They add up..

The Indian government is taking laudable action to provide affordable neonatal care with the ‘Newborn Action Plan – 2014’ through government hospitals. However, the effective implementation of these schemes depends on ground level conditions prevalent at these health care centres. The rampant corruption in government hospitals, and a decided lack of trained staff is causing disasters like Gorakhpur tragedy.

Newborn babies have a right to survive and grow into childhood,and to experience life to their full potential. What can ensure that their right is protected? The answer is Baby crowdfunding.

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If you wish to know more about how crowdfunding works, spend a few minutes researching it online.

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