If you are looking for catering McLean VA, you may have encountered some myths that may have gotten you worried. The last thing that you want to do is stress yourself with common myths and misconceptions regarding catering services. Fortunately, there is a list of the most common myths regarding catering that have already been debunked below.

Myth 1: You can choose a package no matter the amount of people you are expecting

Perhaps the most destructive myth when it comes to catering McLean VA is the disregard for the headcount. It is important that you have a guest list that you can work with so you have an idea of how many people that you are going to need to feed. However, there are some event hosts that choose to go with a package that doesn’t actually go with the number of people that they are expecting.

Whether this is due to budget concerns or oversight may differ from case to case. Due to this, some folks are led to believe that being a part of an event where there is catering McLean VA involved means that they have to be the first in line at the buffet at the fear of leaving home hungry. If this has happened to you, you shouldn’t look at the caterer as if it is their fault. It is actually the fault of whoever is the host for not anticipating the number of guests they’ll feed.

Myth 2: The food is the only thing that you’ll have to worry about

Although the food is perhaps at the very top of your concern when it comes to catering McLean VA, you shouldn’t focus entirely on it. There’s a variety of things that can go awry in your event if you are not paying attention to the other details. The location of the venue, how many guests there will be, and even the amount of staff will be factors on how smooth your event will go. Choosing the food, however, is still going to be important.

Myth 3: Catering is basically hiring a restaurant for one day

Perhaps one of the most misconceptions about dedicated catering companies is that hiring them is the same as renting a restaurant for a day. Not only will the options in food differ, but you will also have the flexibility to choose the venue for your event. There are different themes for your menu and you will get to pick and choose what other amenities you want to provide. Unlike renting a restaurant to cater your event, you will be able to adjust every detail to your preference.

With catering McLean VA, you are also not limited in the ingredients that are available in the restaurant. Instead, you will be able to choose what is in the season so you can provide your guests with the freshest options available. For most restaurants, you pay for the number of expected guests. With a caterer, you will pay for the specific amount of food that you ordered.

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