Binge eating and unusual hunger are one of the most significant causes behind obesity. There are many people who are suffering from obesity are unable to control their hunger and appetite. And as a result of that they feel guilty, which leads them towards depression and anxiety. Right now, binge eating disorder is one of the most alarming issues, which we are going through. It is high time, we should care of this or else the doom’s day is not far away. So, today we are going have a detailed conversation about some scientific ways, which can aid you by suppressing your hunger and appetite. Here is the list of tips that you should follow.

Eat food rich in fiber

If you can eat a fiber-rich food, it will help you repress your hunger. It will make your stomach stretch and will slow down the emptying rate as well. There are several hunger-inducing hormones, which you can get rid of if you opt for foods rich in fiber. Also, fiber is really helpful to ferment your bowel and can create short chained fatty acids, which will give you the sensation of complete fullness. According to some studies it has been proved that some foods like chickpeas, beans, lentils and peas can be used as appetite suppressant as they are rich in fiber.

Eat more solids instead of liquids

We all know that there is a significant difference between the solid calories and liquid calories and it also affects the appetite as well. It is a very obvious fact that solid food holds more calories than liquid food and you can utilize this fact to suppress your hunger. Some studies have found that people who eat more solid food compared to liquid food has lower rates of hunger. Also, solid food requires chewing which integrate the food particles, which are responsible for lowering down the hunger rate. It gives more time to fullness, which reaches the brain faster.

Sip coffee to get rid of unusual hunger

Coffee has several benefits to offer to your health and suppressing your hunger is one of those benefits. Coffee also benefits an athlete by increasing his or her energy. It has been observed by some studies that coffee induces the release of peptides. They are the hormone responsible for producing a sensation in the gut, which will make you feel like you are full. Apart from these, peptide levels play a very substantial role in to make you determined how much you want to eat. It is a very interesting fact that decaffeinated coffee can produce the highest rate of hunger repression, which last up to almost three hours.

Drink as much water as you can

Well, water is the jack of all trades. We all know that water is amazingly beneficial for our health and it can be used substantially to suppress your hunger and appetite. If you can drink sufficient amount of water after a meal, it will enhance the fullness in you. Also, water will benefit you to lose weight. Some studies have proved that, people who drink two glasses of water after their drink, they are likely to have lesser appetite compared to other people. But, also keep in mind that water also helps to empty your stomach quickly. So, it is advisable to drink after eating a meal. You will get the best results, if you follow this.

Gorge on dark chocolates

We all have eaten dark chocolate and we know that it is a bit bitter in taste. Well, it is said that the bitterness in dark chocolate benefits by decreasing the rate of your hunger. Also, the stearic acid present in chocolate is known to slow down the digestion and also contributes to the feeling of fullness. Apart from eating dark chocolates, simply smelling it can suppress your hunger as well. Some studies have found that, smelling dark chocolates can decrease both hunger and appetite producing hormones, as much as eating those.

We know that, you are going through some really tough times fighting your appetite and hunger. But, you can come out of that if you follow these above written scientific points.

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